RETRO CLASSICA - Classic Car Restoration and Commercial Painting
Retro Classica was born out of an “I can do better then that!” attitude, having had a Mercedes Benz 190SL restored by a specialist to an apparently concourse condition and paying £18,000 for the privilege! I then find out over the course of a few months that it’s far from concourse. So I started Retro classica, having been involved in the motor trade for the last 20 years primarily in the body shop industry I set about finding premises local to me with a view to creating a transparent service for my clients. At the moment 50% of the cars that are currently being restored are my own and will be sold as and when they are ready. The other 50% belong to customers and an old friend who is a famous petrol head! The service that we offer our clients is slightly different in that we welcome a little hands on from the customer if need be, that way the owner can see all the stages of repair as they happen. This approach to the restoration will help to keep the costs at a controllable level at all times. As the web site progresses more and more detail of current repairs will be shown as the quality of our paintwork is excellent and while we’re incredibly enthusiastic about all things car we’re also mindful of cost to repair and as such we carryout a usable restoration at a minimum cost in a bid to enable the classic to be used and enjoyed rather then shown and stored and to that end we will not be beaten on cost/quality ratio.
Vehicles Just In & On Site
1984 BMW 320i SE
2 door manual car with low miles and low owners!
Full service history with invoices.
Finished in Dark Grey Met. With an amazingly mint interior
with the drivers seat Recaro option! Originally a BMW GB demo car the spec sheet is full of lovely options!!!
This car will be subject to a comprehensive restoration as it has all the usual issues i.e scuttle rear arches etc are all rotten and require replacement/welding.
It will also be subject to a full mechanical inspection and service with any parts showing excess signs of wear being replaced.
Automatic full leather complete service history just had cam belt and full service. Will come with a years MOT and comprehensive warranty. Also has just had a re-furbished auto box fitted. The car drives beautifully and is in excellent original condition.
2004 BMW M3 CSL
Not our usual cup of tea!
Belongs to a customer/friend finished in the Met. Grey option deleted A/C and an absolute animal!!!!!
Magnesium BBS excellent tyres etc this car is being subject to a full cosmetic make over to make it super mint
wheel re-furb
full machine polish and clay bar
all carbon re-laquered
full service (it's had the running in service)
Interior valet and suede treatment.
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